WLMP’s Statement on the Islamophobic Attack in London, Ontario

The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) condemns the violent racist acts against members of the Muslim community. The attack in London, Ontario, on the Afzaal family was a pre-meditated, targeted hate crime against the Muslim faith. Anti-Muslim bias is a lethal prejudice that cannot be tolerated. 

The WLMP condemns all acts of anti-Muslim hate and stands in solidarity with members of Muslim communities everywhere.

We must acknowledge that racism, and anti-Muslim bias, is present in Canada. A recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute suggests 46% of Canadians have an unfavourable view of Islam – more than for any other religious tradition. These racially motivated attacks are examples of the deeply rooted systemic Islamophobia in Canada. The attacks on Muslim women in Alberta, the IMO mosque massacre and the Quebec City Mosque mass shooting are only a few examples of the many recent painful acts of hate within this country.

We stand with the National Council of Canadian Muslims in the call for a National Action Summit on Islamophobia. It is quite clear that sending condolences and funds after the fact do not prevent the continuation of these hate crimes.

Canadians must acknowledge both the anti-Muslim bias and acts of racism within Canada as well as challenge Islamophobia and acts of discrimination. The WLMP will always champion equity and inclusion, and challenge racism and discrimination in all its forms. As an ally, the WLMP will continue to create a caring, diverse and safe positive space for legal mentoring community in Canada.  

If you are in need of help, here is a list of resources dedicated to supporting individuals in crisis:

Naseeha Mental Health Helpline: 1 (866) 627-33426

Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645

If you are in need of support, here is a list of resources dedicated to mental health and social support:

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration: 519-672-6000

Islamic Family & Social Services Association: 780-900-2777

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