The value of professional mentoring is immeasurable. It is transformative. The difficulty was until now, the legal mentoring options were always the same. They didn’t grow with your needs or your career. And there was only one type of mentoring, the old one-size fits all approach.

With the WLMP mentoring platform, you are in control of your mentoring experience. You choose what works for you and on your schedule. 

By becoming a member of the WLMP, you are supporting and promoting intersectional  mentorship, equity and leadership development. Bringing all self-identifying women in the law one step closer to creating lasting change within Canada’s legal profession.

Also, you get valuable WLMP member benefits. All for free.

With your free WLMP Membership, your benefits include:

Skills based inclusive WLMP webinars at no additional charge. Our webinars are not just about inspiring, they are also focused on providing practical information and guidance for whatever stage you are at within your professional growth. 

WLMP webinars cover a wide range of topics from:

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