​The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) Certification Programs are designed to allow WLMP Student members the chance to develop soft-skills, mentoring, leadership, equity building, business development and program management skills.

There are two certification programs: the WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate and the WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate.

Our certification programs help WLMP Student members showcase their skills and mentoring with the WLMP program to current and prospective employers.

The WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate

The WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate offers WLMP law student members, who are registered in a WLMP National Program, the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills they developed through active ethical mentorship.

WLMP National Program Peer Mentors develop:

All WLMP Peer Mentors who have fulfilled their WLMP Professional Development accredited WLMP event hours and fulfilled their peer mentoring duties are eligible to apply and receive a WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate.

Criteria of  the WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate™

WLMP Peer Mentors who fully engage with the WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate programming develop insight into the mentorship and professional development key to the legal profession. The WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate gives WLMP Law Student Members who register in this certification program the chance to showcase their mentoring skills to future employers.

First step in earning your WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate™ is applying to be a WLMP Peer Mentor.

To receive a Peer Leadership Certificate™, a WLMP Law Student Member must:

The WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate™ requires WLMP Peer Mentors registered in the certification program to:

  1. Successfully complete their 1 to 2 hours a month of WLMP peer mentoring.
  2. Fulfill at least 3 hours of attendance of WLMP accredited professional development events.
  3. Submit their WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate™ accredited events to WLMP Members Support.
  4. Request approval of their WLMP Peer Leadership Certificate™.
What are WLMP Accredited Events and How Often Do You Need to Submit Your Hours?
How Do You Assess the Peer Mentoring?

WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate

The WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate is unique to the WLMP National Student Program. It’s open to all law students who have taken on a WLMP Student Leadership volunteer role.

WLMP Student Leaders manage a specific project or initiative directly related to the WLMP’s mission. Giving them a chance to develop their leadership skills in a safe environment and earn a WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate.​  

Skills Developed through the WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate

WLMP Student Leaders develop the following executive skills:

​All volunteer WLMP Student Leaders who served their full term as a project or team lead and completed the required project and complete their final exit assessment will be eligible to apply and receive a WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate.

Through the WLMP Executive Leadership Certificate, student leaders are able to demonstrate their executive skills to prospective employers. As well, those who successfully complete their term report increased confidence, a better understanding of the soft skills prospective employers are looking for and a basis for further developing their overall leadership skills.

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