The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) is open to all self-identified women, non-binary, gender nonconforming (which includes 2SLGBTQI+,and BIPOC women) in the law, who are either a licensed lawyer, articling/law practice program student or a registered law school student in Canada. 

Our criteria for membership in the WLMP mentoring community reflects the understanding that all WLMP Mentoring Community Members adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct governing the legal profession in their province, support equity principles and believe in amplifying and increasing the role of all self-identifying women in the law through professional mentorship and leadership.

Lawyer Membership Criteria

To start mentoring a Women’s Legal Mentorship Program member as a WLMP Lawyer Member, the following criteria applies:

Law Student Membership Criteria

To register in the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program as a Law Student Member or Articling Student Member, the following criteria applies…

WLMP Membership Fees

Although the WLMP is a 100% volunteer run, there is a real cost to keeping the lights on, the mentoring platform running and our virtual mentoring community online. At this time the WLMP does not charge a membership fee.

However, we are actively working on developing additional income to offset the costs of the WLMP mentoring platform, including fundraising through sponsorships and donations through the WLMP Partner for Change Program and collaborations. However, how long the WLMP can provide a free membership depends on the support of the Canadian legal community. If the WLMP starts to charge for memberships, it will be similar to other membership fees for legal associations within Canada.

Professional Membership Fees 

Currently, the WLMP does not charge a membership fee. In order to pay for the member site hosting, maintenance, keeping the WLMP virtual mentoring community online and accessible, the WLMP may have no choice but to charge a nominal membership fee in the future. But for now, there is no membership fee to join the WLMP or mentor.


Lawyers Monthly  fee: $0.00 plus taxes*


WLMP Alumni

WLMP Alumni Monthly  fee: $0.00 plus taxes*

Student Membership Fee

As with all WLMP memberships, there is no charge or fee to join. The WLMP recognizes the financial barriers facing both law students and articling / law practice program students. To address this barrier, the WLMP is piloting free memberships that provides access to WLMP national mentoring platform.

The support of the Canadian legal community through donations or sponsorships will determine if the WLMP can continue to offer a free law student membership fees.

Law Students

Law Students No fee: $0.00*

Articling / LPP Students

Articling Students Monthly Fee: $0.00 plus taxes* 

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