The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) is more than a mentoring program. It’s an inclusive mentorship community.  

Since the WLMP takes a multidisciplinary mentorship approach, our mentorship community includes a diverse range of legal mentors and mentees. Reflecting every stage of the profession. From law school students, articling students, new Calls, those who are in mid-career to experienced lawyers. 

Also, our mentorship community and mentoring circles reflect both the diversity of the profession’s practice areas as well as intercultural, intergenerational and a diversity of lived experiences. 

The WLMP mentoring platform also provides all WLMP members a positive community space and private online mentoring community. 

Our national WLMP Mentoring Platform includes: the WLMP Mentoring Community and the WLMP University Program.

What is the WLMP Virtual Mentoring Community?

Through the WLMP’s private virtual national mentoring community, our members access and create their own mentoring circles

You can engage with the entire WLMP mentoring member community, take part in goal or career specific mentoring, or join an existing mentorship circle specific to your equity and career needs. The choice is yours.

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