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WLMP’s Successful Summaries 101 for Law Students Webinar

Women’s Legal Mentorship Program’s (WLMP) is hosting a skills based panel event focused on effectively summarizing information is a critical legal skill for law students, articling students and lawyers.WLMP’s Successful Summaries 101 for Law Students panel event is happening on Tuesday October 18, 2022 at 3:30PM PST/6:30PM EST.

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New Law Jobs Posts Are Up!

New Jobs Posts Are Up!
That’s right we have new law job postings that include posting with Justice Canada, CBC and boutique law firms.

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WLMP Member Spotlight: Prudence Tsui

Meet WLMP Member and Legal Mentor — Prudence Tsui. Prudence was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2016 and specializes in Intellectual Property and Commercial Law. She is currently working as an in-house counsel. Prudence is thrilled to share that she recently launched Equilawbrium ( – an online platform for legal professionals to find their equilibrium as working parents with young kids.

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Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) Statement Regarding the War in Ukraine

The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) supports the continued efforts of the Canadian government to impose strict sanctions on Russia. The WLMP calls on the Canadian government, and Western nations, to provide mass effort to minimize human suffering and end the invasion. This conflict has the potential for mass casualties and millions of refugees. Canada must offer humanitarian aid and provide an open, safe and welcoming route for all refugees seeking to flee the violence.

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Reminder Of Things That Are Okay

It’s January and start of a new year. But what a start it’s been. With the ongoing Covid-19 variants and shifts in what’s happening, it can get overwhelming. With everything that is going on it’s good to remember things that are okay to do and ask for. Women’s Legal Mentorship Program has a few reminders about things that are okay.

Grateful To Our WLMP Mentors

**français à suivre** The images of what happened at the US Capitol Building are triggering. Especially for racialized peoples who see the inequity of the treatment of Black Lives Matters, BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ and Womxn protestors legally advocating for their…   Read more

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WLMP Announces its Amplify Allies Project

The aim of the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) Amplify Allies Project is to focus on and amplify mentorship programs and programs we believe furthers the WLMP’s mission of dismantling the systemic barriers facing all self-identified women in the law. Every Wednesday, the WLMP’s social media channels will focus on promoting and amplifying the social media messages of allied mentoring programs and organizations.

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WLMP Mentor Spotlight: Kristianne Anor and Ashvi Shah

The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) profiles its mentors and mentees in our monthly spotlights. Whether they are connected through a WLMP University Chapter mentoring program or the online WLMP Mentoring Community, we shine a light on our mentors,…   Read more

WLMP Update Regarding Covid-19. Read More