October 12, 2023

This past weekend, the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP), along with Canadians across the country and people around the world watched in horror at the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza.
A terrorist attack launched by Hamas targeted Israeli civilians with murder and kidnapping. The WLMP condemns these terrorist attacks and inhuman acts and calls for the immediate release of those being held hostage.

The WLMP agrees with the Canadian Bar Association and echoes their statement that there is never a justification for terrorism or for the atrocities perpetrated on civilians, and we join them in reiterating the foundational importance of the rule of law in underpinning human rights and freedoms. Innocent civilians within Israel and Gaza are paying an unimaginable toll. We offer our deepest condolences for all the innocent lives lost and to the families and communities impacted.

In addition to the loss of life brought on by Hamas’s terrorist attacks, the world has witnessed disturbing celebrations of violence and increasing acts of Anti-Semitism. Jewish communities in Canada and around the world are fearing increased Anti‑Semitic acts of hate. As well, Muslim and Arab communities are bracing for an increase in Islamophobia and hate. We must stand together against all forms of hate, discrimination and violence.

While we condemn Hamas’s terrorist attacks against civilians and the taking of hostages, there are strong feelings regarding the situation. Please remember that this is an emotional and personal issue for many Canadians, some who have friends and family directly affected.


The events of this past weekend and events currently unfolding are deeply painful and personal for many. The personal health and mental well-being of all those impacted is critical.

If you need support, consider contacting Wellness Together Canada.

If you are looking for information about Canada’s response to the situation in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, please go to Global Affairs Canada’s site regarding Canada’s response. This webpage has contact information for Canadians in the regions affected.

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